Below are some period photos of the Futuro House. I will be adding more photos soon, including some more recent photos of surviving Futuros.

Here is a period photo of the man behind the Futuro design, Matti Suuronen.

Matti Suuronen

This is the floorplan of the U.S.-spec Futuro house which had about 500 square feet of living space compared to the 300 on the Euro models thanks to a raised floor design.

Futuro House Floorplan

Entry is through a “hatch” stairway, the same as you would imagine in a “real” flying saucer.

The Futuro House

It was originally designed for use as a ski-cabin or holiday home.
The design was great for this, as it shed snow well and had low wind resistance.

Mountainside Futuro House

Mountainside Futuro

This is a beautiful shot of a Futuro against the night sky.
This one has additional windows under the single row of windows in the mid-section.

Futuro House

Futuros were usually delivered fully assembled.
Here are a couple delivery and placement options.
I doubt you could do this today.

Futuro and Helicopter

Futuro and Helicopter

Futuro and Crane

Here are some photos of scale models of the Futuro, including a more recent photo of Matti Suuronen with a model.

Futuro Scale Model

Futuro Scale Model

Futuro Scale Model

These two photos were sent to me by my fiberlgass-sports-car-collecting-auto-historian friend, Geoff Hacker. The silver car is called a Shark and was photographed in front of the Futuro formerly at the Pink Elephant Antique Mall. The other car is a McCormack photographed in front of my former Futuro. Check out Geoff’s website, Forgotten Fiberglass.

Futuro and Shark Fiberglass Sports Car

Futuro and McCormack Fiberglass Sports Car

This is a well known, restored Futuro in Idyllwild, CA.
Click here to see more photos of this Futuro.

Idyllwild Futuro

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